DOAB-Check Data

Link checking data is available from an api, on a per-link basis, and in bulk via download.


The api is pretty self-explanatory. requests are of the form:[the doab id]
DOAB ids look like this:
(you can omit the 'oai:doab-books:'). The response (JSON) looks like this:
    "doab": "oai:doab-books:20.500.12854/35337",
    "status": "found",
    "links": [
        {"url": "",
         "checked": "2023-10-01T04:05:08.816Z",
         "return_code": 200,
         "content_type": "html"},
        {"url": "",
         "checked": "2023-10-01T04:05:09.900Z",
         "return_code": 200,
         "content_type": "pdf"},

Bulk download

A zipped CSV file of all the active urls and the results of our most recent check is available at:
This file is updated roughly once a day.